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GOALS: Get back into the exercise habit and find a way of exercising that feels fun. Lose 1-2 lbs a week, improve functional fitness, eliminate shoulder pain.

RESULTS: 1stone 9lbs weight loss since spring. Maintained a regular healthy eating and exercise routine for the past 6 months consistently. Shoulder now pain free and strengthened. Food prepping pro!

THE JOURNEY: Gaynor has been a loyal Miss Fit for over 8 years and sees a healthy lifestyle as a long term commitment. This year she made the decision to get down to her ideal weight and set her mind to making it happen. She cross trains by combining group HIIT workouts, walks, pilates and is looking fantastic!



GOALS: lose weight and have more energy. Understand how to fit healthy eating into family life.

RESULTS: 10kg weight loss since summer. Nathalie has transformed the way her whole family eats, is fitter and noticeably shrinking each week! She says she feels younger and has more energy.

IN HER WORDS: ''You changed our family's bad food habits and now we can control our food portions. To me feeling healthy has become a new way of life! It's about having a healthy body to enjoy for years to come. Thanks my lovely lady''.


''The Miss 360 course was just what I needed to give me that final push. I’ve gone from only being able to run 3 minutes to completing a 5K. I’m eating great things. I feel healthy. Sleeping better. I feel ready to cope again. My business idea is on the move. I've lost a stone and inches off. I’m carrying on!''


''I hit 50 and the menopause and felt completely out of control of my body. I booked some personal training sessions with Sam to lose weight and after losing a stone, I realised that the exercise was also what I needed to keep my mood positive''. 


''I love Sam's upbeat approach to our training sessions, always creative and fun and Sam's extensive knowledge on physical and emotional wellbeing means I now have more confidence and last year completed a half marathon. Not bad for a 50 year old women who'd never even run for a bus!''


''In just 6 weeks I've found a way to eat healthily 90% of my week and indulge in the odd biscuit without feeling guilty. I'm loving doing exercise again and actually look forward to it! I've lost half a stone! Sam helped me by holding me accountable and feeling supported and never judged. I also found the wellbeing tasks so useful as it kept me going and knowing what to do. Thanks Sam!'


''The Miss Fit 360 course was fabulous. It is really well thought out and simple to use. I don't have much spare time but this fits right in with my life. The most important thing of all of course is how well it works. Being a Miss Fit Clubber has helped me to become the person I wanted to be: fitter, happy and healthier. Thanks Sam!''


''I can't remember the last time I put myself first and doing so made me realise how happy it makes me feel. I've been hiding away in baggy clothes but now I have lost half a stone and 3 inches off my tummy. Thank you Sam for helping me.''


''The Miss Fit 360 course takes a holistic look at getting fit, looking not just at exercise and what you eat but also lifestyle, such as bad habits formed through stress or being too busy and how to change them. Sam was a really supportive person to work with - always on hand with motivational messages to keep you on track. I feel so much fitter, have lost 12 pounds and actually enjoy a jog around the park - I never thought that would happen!''


''Sam is kind and gentle, she has a unique way of getting the results you want for yourself. I am slimmer and fitter than I was before - this is not a quick fix, rather the beginning of a journey. I am energised and am making more time for myself.''


''With Sam's help, I've finally been able to bump myself up the to do list. Looking after myself has made me feel happier. I feel more in control. If I need to take a nap I do and the world hasn't stopped turning yet! In fact stepping back to rest and taking more Me time has made my business more productive.''