Personal Training

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What is it?

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This is the deluxe Miss Fit Club experience and includes regular personal training sessions with myself. Fun, effective and tailored workouts designed to help you reach your fitness and fat loss goals, creating a body that is fabulous inside and out!

Personal Training offers a chance to work side by side with a trainer helping you to stay accountable, motivated and on track with your training plan. It doesn't have to feel hard, the focus will be around making realistic changes to your lifestyle that you can stick to in the long term and I'll be there to help you every step of the way.

How does it work?

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We'll start off with a face to face consultation where we can go through your personal goals in detail.

We'll then meet each week for your sessions, using our time together to exercise and talk through your fitness, nutrition and wellbeing goals. 

I'll share with you my experiences, top tips and insights from my 15 years of working with women. I'll also guide you with my knowledge of nutrition, studies in  counselling, together with latest tools and exercise techniques for getting results. Sessions will be tailored around your personal goals and will be designed to feel fun and uplifting (amongst the press ups!)

Where are the workouts?


All workouts are from outdoors, giving you the invigoration of exercising in the fresh air, those feel good endorphins and the enjoyment of all seasons.  

I'll match your workouts to your abilities meaning exercise intensity will vary from a gentle walk to high impact circuits. I'll also encourage you to try new locations, from the sparkly seafront to the stunning South Downs.


30 minute initial consultation

'FIT, FOOD, BE' goal setting

60 min personal training sessions*

Healthy Eating Guide & Menus

Healthy Ingredients Shopping List

Food and Mood Diary Review

Fun personalised workouts

Mindfulness moments

Measurements and progress tracking

Motivation, support and encouragement from me

*Brighton, Hove, Ovingdean, Rottingdean, Saltdean areas only.

The vibe

There's no better feeling than knowing there's something in your week that is ALL for you and will make you feel uplifted and this is how your session will feel every time. We'll tune into your energy levels and I'll aim to match you with exercise that feels good for your body. I guarantee that even if you start off feeling bluuuugh you'll finish your workout feeling yeehaaaa!

I'll give you the push you need to get the work done and will keep you focused. If you want to use some time to talk about your wellbeing goals, I'm here for you.


Got mid week questions, frustrations, something you feel proud of sharing? Want an idea for circuit to do at home or saving from the biscuit tin? No need to wait until our next session, drop me a text or give me a call!


Free Consultation followed by:

Single Session - £45

6 sessions - £240

12 sessions - £420

Train with a friend - £22 each