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Hi there fitness friend,

My name is Sam Hall. I'm a Personal Trainer, Brighton girl and founder of the Miss Fit Club. I'm a wife and mother, lover of the seaside, sunsets and smoothies. 

Being in my 40's feels like an amazing time to be a personal trainer because of the experiences I've had. I understand the challenges of juggling family and work, trying to keep the wobbly bits at bay, fluctuating hormones and the link between exercise and mood. 

When I was 27, I trained as a Personal Trainer as I wanted a career that combined my love of exercise with helping others. After building up a loyal client base, sunrise squats on the beach and runs along the promenade, it felt amazing to be part of helping others transform their fitness and confidence. I truly felt this was my dream job (I still do!).

A few years on, I was super busy and doing everything a million miles an hour and with little time to rest properly, I experienced burn out for the first time.  This inspired me to take a qualification in counselling where I learnt all about how stress had played it's part, how to take better care of my physical and emotional wellbeing and how a bit of self love goes a long way.

After going on to celebrate 10 successful years in business, I took time out to start a family and became a mum, a role which filled my heart. This new phase also triggered weight gain, anxiety and loss of fitness due to sleep deprivation and living on carbs and caffeine!

I felt stuck... Exercise to me had always been about being healthy more than being skinny, but I couldn't shift the excess weight I now had and on top of that I felt stressed out with zero energy. I longed to get back to my happy fit self but I honestly didn't know where to start.

Then one day something just clicked and I thought ''time to do something about this!''. So I did...

In a nutshell, I divided my life into three areas - exercise, wellbeing and nutrition. I then wrote out a plan that enabled me to address all three equally every day. It initially took some time because I had to work out what patterns I had fallen into and come up with solutions. Once I'd done this, it was plain sailing because I now had a proper plan of action which I followed for 6 weeks...

The result?

I lost weight, my energy soared, I was sleeping deeper, feeling calmer, looking fresher, my business even thrived...I was back! 

So after celebrating my 40th birthday, I reignited Miss Fit Club and with renewed motivation and a tons of ideas about how to help others, I began coaching clients using my experiences of life and motherhood.

Balance over perfection


Do I still eat cake and drink prosecco? Of course I do! I think it's really important to have a bit of what you fancy from time to time instead of being super strict then having a blow out. But I do ensure my 'treat' food is as high quality as possible, made from scratch, minimal sugar, avoiding nasty additives and refined junk food where possible. 

I also listen to my body's signals nowadays and prioritise exercise, relaxation, quality nutrition and sleep. My lifestyle isn't perfect, but I feel the healthiest I've ever been and this is what I aspire to help my clients to achieve. 

To stay one step ahead, I have just completed my first year studying for a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition at Brighton University. I'm so excited to be able to use my latest knowledge of nutrition, hormone balance, gut health and organic food with those I work with.

You can do it too

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Are you ready to become your fab, fit self?

Let's do this!

Sam xx

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