Miss Fit 360

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What is it?


MF360 is a 6 week online lifestyle transformation course.

Delivered each week via email, this course is designed to help you fall in love with exercise, learn how to prepare nutritious food at home and create healthy new lifestyle habits.

Each week you'll receive advice on what types of exercise to do, healthy meal ideas plus fun wellbeing tasks on areas such as positive mindset, mood, relaxation, mindfulness, sleep, hormone health, confidence and boosting energy.

Using my experiences and knowledge of 15 years as a personal trainer, I have poured all of my best magic into this course giving you tons of top tips on how to create a body you love inside and out.

Who is it for?


This course is for you if you…

Enjoy following a plan at your own pace

Lack the motivation to exercise

Want to eat healthier

Want to boost your mood

Want to feel more relaxed

Want to lose body fat

Want to improve your fitness

Want more Me time

What results will I get?


In 6 weeks you could be looking slimmer, moving faster, feeling fitter, more relaxed, sleeping deeper and have the ‘Miss Fit Glow’

Stand by for the compliments flowing your way!



Weekly Exercise Guide

Weekly Wellbeing Task

Workout Videos

Healthy Eating Guide

Shopping List


Goal Setting


You can choose to follow this course in two ways:

SELF STUDY - Follow the course at your own pace online

SKYPE COACHING - Follow the course plus 6 x 30 min coaching sessions. Sessions are via Skype


6 week online course self study - £65

6 week online course plus Skype coaching - £325