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How is Miss Fit Club different?

Traditional fitness plans focus on physical fitness with some nutrition. My coaching style takes a more holistic approach and also includes areas such as emotional wellbeing, sleep, hormones, mood, relaxation, stress management and mindfulness.

What options are there for working with you?

There are three options for working with clients. A single 60 min coaching session, 6 week online course or 1:1 Personal Training sessions.

Do I need to be fit to work with you?

I welcome all levels of fitness from total beginner to gym bunny. Together we'll take your fitness forwards in whichever way you desire!

Will I have to go on a diet?

No way sista! This is fitness for real girls who love their food so my nutrition advice is healthy and at the same time realistic. That said, you will have to make some changes to the way you eat, particularly for weight loss.

How does the 60 minute coaching session work?

Over Skype or face to face we'll enjoy a friendly and focused meet up and talk through your current lifestyle, which issues are holding you back and how you can move forwards. I'll then send you a personalised action plan with exercises, healthy eating and lifestyle tips which you can get going with straight away.

How does the online plan work?

You can choose this as a self study online course or add weekly 30 min Skype coaching sessions to boost your experience. Each week I'll send you easy to follow exercise, healthy eating and self care tips which will pop up in your inbox.

How does the personal training plan work?

This is the deluxe Miss Fit Club experience and includes weekly face to face coaching sessions with myself either from home or outdoors. We'll kick off your exciting adventure with getting clear on your personal goals. Having made a plan of action, we'll then meet each week to exercise and discuss progress.

Can I share my personal training sessions with a friend?

Yes definitely! Working out with a friend is a great way to stay motivated, supported and share the cost. It's lots of fun and the perfect way to mix socialising time with getting fit.

What results can I expect?

How far you go depends on the level of commitment you give. As a rule of thumb, every week that passes should feel like a significant step forwards. Regular Miss Fits say they look and feel the best they have in years!

How much exercise do I have to do each week?

As a guide you’ll be aiming for 150 mins of exercise a week. Depending on which package you choose, it’ll be your choice how much you want to exercise alone or with your Trainer.

What type of workouts will I be doing?

All exercise sessions are from home or outdoors in nature making it pleasurable and convenient to fit in a workout. This can vary from a brisk stroll, your favourite exercise class or squats on the sofa!

What nutritional support is there?

All Miss Fit Club plans include an easy to follow healthy eating guide, shopping list plus tasty recipes for you to try at home. Personal training clients will also be offered a food diary review.

When must my Personal Training sessions be used by?

All sessions must be used within 14 weeks of the start date of your course. 

When can I get started?

You can start MISS FIT 360 any time. For PERSONAL TRAINING and MISS FIT BOOST slots vary seasonally and occasionally I may have to operate a waiting list for popular times.