When only the teddy knows how tired you are


You're a busy bee, you work hard all day but not necessarily in the 9-5 kind of way. Work comes in many shapes and forms - it could be going to the office, looking after the kids, getting the housework done, finding the missing sock, cooking meals, managing the finances, tag teaming your partner so you can 'go to work' when he comes home (didn't it already start at 6am?) And then when all that is done and it's the evening, you flop onto the bed and swear you want to stay there until Wednesday cos every muscle in your body aches including your eyelashes.

And then there's this Miss Fit lady telling you to fit in more 'ME time' - to go for a walk in nature, start journaling your feelings, see a friend, do more of the things you love...

Well how the heck are you supposed to do that when you are so pushed for time and THIS tired?

Well here's the thing...you will always fill your day up with stuff. There isn't going to be this lovely gap in the future where looking after yourself is going to slot in. 

You have to decide it's important enough to you then make it happen.

And here's how:

Every day when you have your morning cuppa, you write a to do list for the day ahead, including all the things you really have to get done.

You then add one thing that is going to make you FEEL good every day. 

It could be call a friend, walk by the sea, cook a cake, sort out your makeup drawer. Something that is all for you and makes you smile.

The key here is to write it down. 

And then you do it.

If you are a super duper planner, you may write this in your diary for the whole week! But let's just say day to day is easier as there are always last minute things that come up.

Your weekly exercise and healthy meal planning by the way should already be in your diary like non negotiable appointments with yourself. 

I'm talking about ME time - time out / bliss time / self-care / chill time or whatever you want to call it. That luxury thing that often gets wiped out with being busy.

Because lovely fitness friend, the point is that all the people that need you to be on top form, all the things you need to get done every day, none of it can happen when you are burnt out, poorly, stressed and depressed. 

ME time is the answer to your tiredness. 

It will give you energy, resilience and calmness,

You deserve it!

And the gang in your life that need you? They love and appreciate you and besides you wouldn't have it any other way because your life is fab. Busy bee fab.

Now pass me the Horlicks...

Sam xx