Roots, shouting in the supermarket and cupcakes

There are two main reasons why I want to stuff my face with sugar today. 

The first one is that I am growing out my roots. I have been a highlighted blonde since I was 16 and I've recently decided to go cold turkey on the hair dye to see what it looks like natural. This is a love hate process. I call it 'G.R.O.W.S' - growing roots out withdrawal syndrome. I feel excited about the change but I look a mess, am desperate for the peroxide but am gritting my teeth with willpower.

The second reason I feel stressed is that my toddler is going through a phase of pushing boundaries. This means he is seeing how fun it is at every opportunity to do the opposite of what I ask of him. Today in the supermarket he legged it at the self service till and I had to finish off the scan with him wriggling and shouting under my arm. We both left the supermarket wriggling and shouting. I was THAT mum.

So I am confessing that when I got home all I wanted to do was dive into the tin of cupcakes. Because if I didn't do that I was sure it would be a gigantic glass of wine instead and it was only Monday!

I tell you this because I want you to know that even personal trainers have off days. 

Today is that day for me.

BUT I also want to say that if this is you, if you can relate to the sugar stress cycle, please don't panic if you too have a weak moment like me.

The key is to say to yourself, ''hey that's ok chicken, it's been a toughy today. Tomorrow will be better''.

And then make the next day the one where you stay ahead of stress before it bites you on the bum and tempts you with cake. 

Sugar calls to us because our brain knows that it will give us an immediate hit of the feel good factor.

It will also leave us feeling guilty and grumpy.

So eat the cupcake if you want to or need to, life is about treats and letting go sometimes sure!

And good luck for making tomorrow the day where you choose to breathe out stress, walk in nature, take time out, giggle with a friend, have a bubble bath, write a journal...or whatever helps you with growing out your roots, toddlers and life's ups and downs.

My clients know that I can relate to the challenge of juggling business and family life whilst still trying to stay healthy. When we work together I help you fit exercise and healthy eating around your busy life in a way that feels realistic, not perfect.

If you want to chat, get in touch.

Sam xx