Eat, drink and be merry (and mindful)


This time of year everyone gets a little's the sugar affect. But you know what, there's a good reason to allow yourself the treats of Chrimbo.

I always say to my clients, go for it! Have the mince pies, allow yourself that extra dollop of cream, let your hair down. 

And they say, 'seriously? But I'll put on a stone!'

I have never actually seen this happen. If anything, it's just a couple of pounds which are gone mid January as soon as people get back to their routine.

Whichever the case, there is an important message here which I want to share.

* It's impossible to stay motivated all year round

* Christmas is about having fun

* It's easier to stay healthy when you don't deprive yourself

* Saying yes without feeling guilty is good for the soul!

Would you really say no to the Xmas pudding just because I said you're not allowed to anyway?'

Probably not...

From my experiences as a personal trainer for over 12 years, I've seen a clear trend:

The people who find losing weight the easiest are the ones that have a positive relationship with food - that is those who make healthy food choices the majority of the time and then say 'oh go on then' to the odd biccie. Plus they also keep up a regular exercise and relaxation routine.

You'll notice I said 'the odd biccie'.

And herein lies the real key to not becoming a fatty fat pants in December:

DON'T start troffing through the choccies from the 1st Dec

DON'T slip into the boozing habit all week long

DON'T let your exercise plan slide


DO continue to make time for preparing healthy meals

DO keep turning up for your workouts 

DO say yes all that tasty food when you are visiting your family (for just a few days! I'm trusting you now!)

DO make exercise an enjoyable part of Christmas (who doesn't love a sunny crisp walk after the turkey dinner)

And you'll be just fine!

And here's an extra tip for when you are surrounded by temptation: 


That means taking each delicious mouthful, chew it slowly, really savor the texture and flavour, notice every sensation as it dissolves in your mouth (you might look a bit loopy whilst doing this but that's part of the fun).

This will have a powerful effect on the satisfaction sensors of the brain and you'll probably find that you won't need to eat so much of the naughty stuff.

Plus here's the bonus bit:

By the time you get to the new year, you will be SO sick of all that party food anyway you'll be super ready to get yourself back into healthy habits.

At which point give me a call :)

Happy Christmas to you all!

Sam xx