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Are you daydreaming about having more confidence in the way you look?

Do you want to feel healthier, fitter, stronger?

Do you enjoy exercising for your mental and physical wellbeing?

I can help!

Imagine if it were like this

You're exercising regularly and loving the way it makes you feel

You’re sleeping deeper and feeling more emotionally in-balance

Your body is looking slimmer, sexier, more toned

You’re eating healthily and still enjoying the odd prosecco or choccy bar

You're feeling more positive and upbeat about life

This can be you!

What is Miss Fit Club?

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Miss Fit Club is made up of busy women just like you who are juggling families, jobs and social lives. Real women who enjoy living life to the full and still want to feel fit and look good.

Clients can choose to supercharge their fitness, fat loss and wellbeing either via regular personal training sessions, an exciting 6 week online course or a fast track Skype coaching session.

There's something for everyone, no more excuses, you can feel better starting today!

I want to feel healthier. Where do I start?

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A great first step is to decide it's time to put your health first. You deserve to right! You're here on my website, so I know there's a part of you that's ready to make a change.

Life these days is so busy, but if you can prioritize a little ‘me time’ you'll be able to be at your very best for everything else.

Wherever you're at right now, I'd love to help you move forwards and I have a choice of 3 easy to follow health and wellbeing plans to make this possible.

Working with Sam was just what I needed to give me that final push. I’ve gone from only being able to run 3 minutes to completing a 5K. I’m eating great things. I feel healthy. Sleeping better. I feel ready to cope again. My business idea is on the move. Ive lost a stone and inches off. I’m carrying on!
— SW Stamford


Find out which plan is the best match for you: